A Diploma for Mom

Posted by Sarah Welch on Aug 29, 2018 4:26:40 PM

cecilia2Cecelia Fink wants to be the parent her son, Ezequiel, age 1, looks up to.

Growing up, Cecelia says her mother did drugs and was mean to her and her brothers. She encouraged Cecelia to fight, drink, and do drugs at a young age. Eventually, Cecelia turned to foster care, so she could get her life on track. She continued to make mistakes, and eventually, dropped out of high school.

Then she became pregnant with Ezequiel. She decided to return to school not just for her future, but also to be a model for her son. Scavo’s Teddy Bear Town child care, funded by Women United, made it possible for her to start taking classes one month after her son was born. Six months later, she’d earned her diploma.

Women United

Women United supports 17 child care centers, including Teddy Bear Town, and 200 in-home providers.

Members believes that all children deserve quality early care and learning opportunities from birth. Each year, the group invests more than $1.6 million in research-based strategies and programs that create a lasting impact on the next generation.

Women United is a diverse, vibrant group bound together by the mission to improve the future of our youngest central Iowans.

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“Who my mom was when I was with her made me realize that I don’t want to be like that with my son,” Cecelia says. “I’m not going to be like that.”

Not only did Teddy Bear Town provide quality child care that made Cecelia feel safe leaving him in his first months of development, but the center also helped Cecelia make sure he was on track developmentally and had support. She took parenting classes before he was born, and she still returns to the center to ask questions.

“I’m young so I don’t really know what kids are supposed to do, and they made sure he’s on track,” she says.