cecilia2Cecelia Fink wants to be the parent her son, Ezequiel, age 1, looks up to.

Growing up, Cecelia says her mother did drugs and was mean to her and her brothers. She encouraged Cecelia to fight, drink, and do drugs at a young age. Eventually, Cecelia turned to foster care, so she could get her life on track. She continued to make mistakes, and eventually, dropped out of high school.

Then she became pregnant with Ezequiel. She decided to return to school not just for her future, but also to be a model for her son. Scavo’s Teddy Bear Town child care, funded by Women United, made it possible for her to start taking classes one month after her son was born. Six months later, she’d earned her diploma.

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About The Author: Sarah Welch

Sarah Welch is the former Strategic Communications Officer at United Way of Central Iowa.