$1,000+ Investment

LEAD UNITED members team up to make central Iowa better for everyone. Donate $1,000 or more per household individually or through your United Way campaign, and you’ll receive exclusive opportunities to learn about issues and the impact of your dollars through tours and webinars, as well as participate in family volunteer events and more.

Join this society of some of central Iowa's most generous philanthropists and see what a huge impact your giving can make!



Benefits of LEAD UNITED Membership

LEAD UNITED members make a significant gift to improve the lives of central Iowans. A team of expert volunteers invests these dollars in proven strategies that will make the biggest impact, and we report back to you on the results, so you know the difference you’re making.

You’ll also get the chance to:

  • Join other LEAD UNITED members at your organization for leadership events and celebrations
  • Grow your professional network and visibility in the community as a philanthropic leader
  • Take part in exclusive tours of our partner and funded programs for an up-close opportunity to see your generosity at work
  • Join in exclusive webinars and other learning opportunities to better understand the challenges and progress in our community 
  • Share your talents and leadership with opportunities to join various committees and task forces
  • Enjoy exclusive LEAD UNITED social events, family volunteer opportunities, and more
  • Be recognized as a LEAD UNITED member in the annual launch of the member listing on the United Way website



Step-Up Program

Enjoy all the benefits of membership in LEAD UNITED while stepping up your gift over a three-year period.

  • YEAR 1: Minimum $500 Donation
  • YEAR 2: Minimum $750 Donation
  • YEAR 3: $1,000+ Donation

If you are interested in joining the LEAD UNITED Step-Up Program, please submit the form above.