Reading books aloud to your child is a must, but screen time can be good, too, as long as it’s the right kind.

Whether you’re a teacher or a parent, check out these websites and smartphone and tablet apps that offer fun games and reading exercises. Kids won’t even know they’re learning while playing.

Reading Websites

Grade Level: K-5
Grade-level appropriate games that improve literacy skills
The games include arcade-style play using arrow keys, word-find games that can be played on screen or printed out, racing games against other players, typing games and more.

Arcademic Skill Builders
Grade Level: 1-6
Educational language arts video games
Kids can customize game speed and difficulty level and see their correct and missed answers, an accuracy score and a per-minute response rate.

International Children’s Digital Library
Ages: 3+
An online digital library of children’s books from more than 42 countries, in 11 languages 

Grade Level: 1-8
Language arts practice and drills that feel like play
The "Trouble Spot" report quickly identifies where kids are having a hard time and where they need extra help. The site helps to build confidence so children can advance to more difficult language arts concepts.

Learning Games for Kids
Grade Level: Pre-K-5
Spelling, vocabulary and alphabet games

Mr. Nussbaum
Grade Level: K-8
Interactive language arts games, stories, activities and more
A color-coding system helps children determine which games and activities are appropriate for their age and grade level, and most games are customizable by skill level. They can also progress from easier to harder rounds.

Ages: 2+
An interactive digital library of curated children’s books 

Spelling City
Ages: 5+
Games to help children learn spelling and vocabulary words using any word list

Grade Level: Pre-K-2
A free learn-to-read site intended for early readers
The activities build on each other, starting with learning the alphabet and its associated sounds, followed by reading simple online books and then more advanced reading activities.

Storyline Online
Ages: 3+
Well-known actors read aloud children’s books set to animated illustrations.