At Home

  • Read with your child every day for at least 20 minutes every day.
  • Choose books with faces, animals and objects that you can point to and talk about.
  • Talk about the words on the page and the sounds the letters make.
  • Sing songs together, make up silly rhymes and tell each other stories.

Out and About

  • Visit the public library and check out books.
  • Point out print everywhere you go—at the grocery store, on the bus, at the bank, in church, on street signs.

  • Talk about the things you see when visiting new places.

At School

  • Enroll your child in free universal preschool.
  • Advocate for your child.
  • Ask your child’s teacher about your child’s reading level.


Q: What are the 20 most important minutes of your day?

A: When you read with your child.

  • It improves your child’s success at school and her future academic achievement.
  • Your child builds listening skills, vocabulary, memory and language skills.
  • Your child develops his imagination and creativity.
  • Your child learns information about the world around her.
  • Your child is entertained and happy to spend time with you.
  • You feel close to your child and bond with him.
  • Your child learns the joy of reading.
  • Your child learns positive behavior patterns and social values.
  • It’s virtually free.