This month, 11 Loaned Executives joined our United Way of Central Iowa team as we ramp up our 2017 giving campaign. These Loaned Executives are recent retirees or college graduates, they work at local companies, or just moved to Des Moines. All of them are excited to take on the challenge of engaging our community in giving to improve lives in central Iowa.  

To introduce themselves, the Loaned Execuitves answered these two questions: 
  1. What is one thing you've learned about United Way that you didn't know before?
  2. What is one fun fact about you?

Please welcome them to United Way!

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Jamie Bachman Loaned Executive

Jamie Bachman - Principal

Key Learning: The timeline was new to me and the changes that occurred in 2009 to bring the community, government, nonprofit, corporate together (unite) and create a strategy for 2020 that we are tackling together.

Fun Fact: The first week of August I completed a trip on my bike from Burlington VT to Quebec

Teresa Belieu Loaned Executive

Teresa Belieu - Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations Agricultural Division USWL310 & IBEWL347

Key Learning: United Way of Central Iowa works with programs that meet required criteria, not just organizations.

Fun Fact: I am bike (bicycle) crazy! I currently have five each named and each have their own talent: gravel, cross, road, snow, and cruise.

Amanda Franze Loaned Executive

Amanda Franze

Key Learning: One thing I learned about United Way of Central Iowa that I did not know before was the 2-1-1 helpline. This is a great resource for community members to get connected with local services and the support they might need.

Fun Fact: I love hedgehogs and have always wanted one. The first time I held one I teared up I was so happy.

Jean Johnson Loaned Executive

Jean Johnson

Key LearningI learned that United Way funds programs, not organizations.

Fun Fact:  I am retired and attempting to find my philanthropic passion.

Karen Jones Loaned Executive

Karen Jones

Key Learning: I already knew United Way of Central Iowa supports agency programs, but I learned there are MANY initiatives and collaborations also funded through United Way. These include 2-1-1, Bridges to Success, OpportUNITY, Central Iowa Works, and many more.

Fun Fact: When I was growing up I had a pet horse named Stardust.

Tom Jones Loaned Executive

Tom Jones

Key Learning: I have a better understanding of the "Child Care Cliff Effect."

Fun Fact: When I was young we owned a chicken hatchery and I got a new set of baby chickens (Dad usually brought some of the odd colored ones home) to play with every week instead of a dog.

Peggy Peterson Loaned Executive

Peggy Peterson - Wells Fargo

Key Learning: That United Way is not just passing money on to organizations.  I learned that there are programs United Way funds, and HOLD the agencies accountable to success before additional funds are provided.  This is awesome!!

Fun Fact: I made Ugly Sticks at the Shakespeare fishing pole factory in Columbia SC for one summer.

Steve Pugh Loaned Executive

Steve Pugh - John Deere ISG

Key Learning: For education, the key is reading by 3rd grade. Students are learning to read by grade 3, and then reading to learn after grade 3. 

Fun Fact: We have moved 10X over the last 30 years….  And have lived in 7 different states.  PS. NJ written Driver’s License exam is VERY difficult

Spencer Shafer Loaned Executive

Spencer Shafer - Bankers Trust

Key Learning: Before last week, I had no idea how much research goes into implementing a new initiative/program and how much research goes into evaluating the results/sizing the effectiveness of initiatives and programs.

Fun Fact: I am getting married in July!

Ian Sunderman Loaned Executive

Ian Sunderman - Wells Fargo

Key Learning: I was excited to hear that United Way of Central Iowa supports the community with 2-1-1 hotline. It is free, confidential and available any time. Callers can get help with several items from rental assistance, legal assistance, child care, crisis intervention and many more services.  

Fun Fact: I  want to be in full-time ministry when I retire from the workforce.   

Consuelo Valdes Loaned Executive

Consuelo Valdes 

Key Learning: During the first week of training I learned about the United Way of Central Iowa programs and goals.

Fun fact: I am vegetarian.


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Julie Matternas

About The Author: Julie Matternas

Julie Matternas is the former corporate engagement officer for United Way of Central Iowa.