The funds raised by United Way of Central Iowa—over $27 million in 2018— are invested in local programs to attack the very real challenges that people face in our community, which is why real people just like you help determine how those dollars are invested.

Investment decisions are made based on the advice and direction of community experts in the areas of Education, Income and Health in central Iowa. Union members, corporate donors, community leaders, individuals from philanthropic and community organizations and others carefully study each request for funding and support, and select the local programs that best align with our strategies and have the highest performance outcomes to propel us to our goals for 2020.

With thousands of nonprofits in Polk, Warren and Dallas counties, identifying which programs align with our goals and strategies is no small task. More than 50 volunteers along with our Community Impact Team spend hundreds of hours determining which programs best align with our strategies to achieve the community goals for 2020... and will create the most lasting impact in our community.


Not Just Dollars

Each selected program receives not only funding, but advice and direction from the cabinet of local experts and access to resources and tools designed to help them be successful. Funded programs are also given specific measures and goals to achieve, and are evaluated each year based on their progress towards those goals. This helps to determine if funding will continue, increase, decrease or change in any way.

To view the programs currently receiving funds from United Way of Central Iowa, click View Funded Programs below. For access to Report Card, Andar Community Web Portal, and other tools for funded programs, visit the Funded Program Toolkit.

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The Investment Process

Each agency seeking funding from United Way of Central Iowa must participate in our annual investment process. This allows our process to direct how dollars are allocated and ensures that funded programs are properly aligned with our strategies and are strong performers.

If you are interested in requesting funding for a program, please enter your information below: