Grace Fitness has a variety of free programs that impact central Iowa through health education and outreach as well as nutrition education and outreach. We have a year-long diabetes prevention program and we have the Better Choices, Better Health program that we are a peer leader to teach through Iowa HHS. 

We’re improving health outcomes and that has to be done by education. You have to go to people to educate them. Health is wealth and knowledge is power, and that encompasses everything that the United Way of Central Iowa stands for. It’s about going into the community to help, listening to people, and having services available for those who cannot afford it themselves. 

United Way’s health and well-being cabinet epitomizes the Grace Fitness work because education is key and they have provided us the funding to help people. That is huge, especially for a new nonprofit organization. Having United Way agree with us that help is needed in these service areas, it’s just a beautiful thing.


Topics: Health & Well-Being

Zakiya Jenkins

Written by Zakiya Jenkins

Zakiya is the Founder/Executive Director of Grace Fitness. The Grace Fitness mission is to coach and inspire individuals within communities affected by health disparities to break the cycle of poor health for themselves, their family, and their community.