United Way of Central Iowa Tocqueville Society recognizes the exceptional individuals and families who lead the way with annual contributions of $10,000 or more to United Way of Central Iowa.

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Tocqueville Society Membership Benefits

  • Recognition in the Business Record, The Des Moines Register and United Way of Central Iowa’s online Leadership Circle Registry

  • Timely e-newsletters to inform Tocqueville Society members how your contributions lead community change

  • Invitation to the annual celebration event as well as special engagement and volunteer opportunities


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A membership benefit of being a Tocqueville Society member is having a recognition ad in the Business Record.

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2017 Co-Chairs

Sean Vicente and Todd Millang are co-chairing the 2017 United Way Tocqueville Society campaign. Sean is the Managing Partner at KPMG and Todd is the Senior Vice President at CBRE-Hubbell.

Over 30 Years of Giving

Since its inception in 1984, Tocqueville Society members have contributed cumulatively nearly $40 million to United Way of Central Iowa. Last year alone, Tocqueville Society members contributed $4.9 million. These funds are strategically invested to create measurable and lasting change in our community’s most urgent issues.



Your Investment Transforms Lives

Every gift to United Way of Central Iowa is invested to improve lives right here in our community. Your generosity is amplified through a collective impact process that unites our community around tackling our toughest challenges. As a Tocqueville member, you can elevate that work so that more of our students graduate from high school, more local families are financially stable, and more of our neighbors lead healthy lives.

2016 Tocqueville Society Award: Lynn Graves

lynn graves 2.jpgLynn Graves has been honored with the 2016 Tocqueville Society Award. The award is United Way of Central Iowa's highest honor, given annually to an individual or couple who exemplify inspirational and sustained leadership and service to the central Iowa community through United Way.

Tocqueville Society, United Way's premier philanthropic society, recognizes the 400 households who annually contribute $10,000 or more into our community in the areas of health and human services.

A committee of past Tocqueville Society awardees selected Lynn Graves as 2016 Tocqueville Society Award Winner. The award was presented at the annual Tocqueville Society celebration event on November 3 at Sam & Gabe’s in the East Village.

"Giving back is important, because there are always people less fortunate than you," said Graves, who was one of 12 children in her family. Her mother instilled in all of the children a simple three-part philosophy: Try your best; share what you have; be nice to everyone.

Graves joined Tocqueville Society in 2004 and is an inaugural Women’s Leadership Connection (WLC) Tocqueville Member.  She is a founding member of WLC and has served in all areas of this group’s work, specifically as a guiding voice on both the advisory committee and advocacy committee.  She also embraces the WLC mission to impact early grade literacy as a WLC Book Buddy volunteer, reading to young children in local early learning centers.  As part of her continued commitment, Lynn has volunteered her time and talents to the United Way Campaign Cabinet, Income Cabinet, Volunteer Engagement Cabinet, Graduation Walk, 55+ Initiative and HOPE Holiday Food Basket.

"The Tocqueville Society represents some of the most dedicated philanthropic leaders of our community," says Mary Sellers, president of United Way of Central Iowa. It is a pleasure to work with Lynn Graves to have a positive impact on the lives of central Iowans."

Tocqueville Society Award Recipients:

2016 - Lynn Graves
2015 - Cathy Lacy
2014 - Dan & Joanie Houston
2013 - Debbie Hubbell
2012- Michele I. Griswell
2011 - Cara Heiden
2010 - David & Barb Hurd
2009 - Steve Chapman
2008 - Fred & Charlotte Hubbell
2007 - Steve Lacy
2006 - Patty & Jim Cownie
2005 - Suku Radia
2004 - Roger K. Brooks
2003 - J. Barry Griswell
2002 - Sunnie Richer
2000 - John R. Grubb
1995 - Evelyn Davis
1994 - Johnny Danos
1992 - Bob Burnett
1991 - Robert E. Larson
1990 - William C. Knapp
1989 - Robert Houser
1988 - Maddie Levitt
1987 - David Kruidenier
1986 - Robb Kelley
1985 - Marvin Pomerantz

"The Tocqueville Society represents some of the most dedicated, influential members of our community. It is a pleasure to work with them to have a positive impact on the lives of central Iowans."

Sara Kurovski
Tocqueville Society Director

skurovski@unitedwaydm.org   (515) 246-2510