Writing a positive message to someone can improve more than their mood — it can change their outlook on life right now.

United Way of Central Iowa is committed to supporting those in our community who have been impacted by COVID-19 and those who may be impacted by unforeseen economic conditions. Show people in central Iowa how much you care and how much they matter by writing a note — or more — of encouragement. 

United Way will share your messages with our nonprofit partners who are serving the individual people and families in the categories you have to choose from in the form to the right, including healthcare, nonprofit frontline workers providing food and basic needs, seniors in care facilities who can't see family, and kids whose school and out-of-school programming are new and different. These people need the time and positivity you have to give. They need your encouragement right now.

How to Volunteer for this Opportunity

Write a quick note to thank and encourage people in your community — your neighbors, friends or maybe even your co-workers — who are helping to keep our community safe during this time, or to someone vulnerable in the community who may have fallen on hard times, or is feeling isolated and lonely. You can submit a note online using our virtual note form on this page.

Here are a sample messages to help get you started:

  • You’re one of a kind. Thank you for keeping our community safe!
  • Today is a day for telling others that you care. And I care about you! You are important. You are enough. 
  • It's easy to feel alone during the pandemic, but know that even when our community can't be together in person, we are together in spirit. We are here with you. 

Please avoid any specific religious references as recipients could be from diverse backgrounds. We welcome notes written in Spanish to school-aged children.

Write a Note of Encouragement

Use the form below to write a brief Note of Encouragement to someone in our community.

Upon completion, your note will be printed and sent to one of our partner agencies to share with someone in the category you've selected below.

The encouragement card will only include your message, first name, and last initial.