Your gift of $1,000+ to United Way ensures central Iowans graduate from high school, achieve financial stability, and improve their health. Our community has big challenges, but we are not defined by our problems. Together, we fight to give everyone who lives here a chance.


What if all central Iowans could live a quality life?

 Join one of these Leadership donor groups to make an impact in the areas you care about most:



$1,000+ Investment

LEAD UNITED members team up to make central Iowa better for everyone. Donate $1,000+ through your United Way campaign, and you’ll receive exclusive opportunities to learn about issues and the impact of your dollars through tours and webinars, as well as participate in family volunteer events.

Lead United Members


Tocqueville Society

$10,000+ Investment

Tocqueville Society represents the highest level of philanthropic giving from individuals and families. These caring philanthropists make an outstanding commitment to transforming our community. Members enjoy special networking and volunteer opportunities.

Tocqueville Society


Women United

Tonia Children

$1,000+ Investment

Women United leads the charge for central Iowa’s youngest children by investing in quality early care and learning. Members can volunteer to build children’s reading skills, advocate for policies that improve childhood success, and attend events to learn and network.

Tonia Smith needed the support of a Women United-funded social worker to help her four adopted children succeed. 

Women United


Education Leaders Initiative

$1,000+ Investment

ELI fights for middle school youth to make it to high school and graduate by investing in quality after-school programs, supportive services, and career mentoring opportunities. Members can attend events to learn about the impact of their gift, network with community leaders, and volunteer.

Jontavious joined ELI-funded Man Up after several mental health treatment programs and today is thriving with support.

Education Leadership Initiative (ELI)


(for young professionals)

$250+ Investment, young professionals

LINC members ensure that central Iowans have access to food, shelter, and other basic needs. Members give $250+ annually and receive many opportunities to volunteer, grow professionally, network, and connect with leaders.




Step-Up Program

Enjoy all the benefits of membership in LEAD UNITED, ELI, Women United, or Tocqueville while stepping up your gift over a three-year period. Step-up options are available for all levels of giving within these groups.

Step Up Program


Benefits of Membership

LEAD UNITED members make a significant gift to improve the lives of central Iowans.
A team of expert volunteers invests your dollars in strategies that have the biggest impact, and we report back to you on the results, so you know the difference you’re making.

You’ll also get the chance to:

  • Amplify your impact across your community with a focus on the causes you care about
  • Hear from individuals who benefit from your investment\
  • Share your talents on committees and by volunteering
  • Gain new business and career opportunities by demonstrating community leadership
  • Network with central Iowa’s leaders
  • Enjoy special events, including volunteering, social hours, and learning opportunities
  • Be recognized in the annual Leadership Registry