Iowa is 50th in the nation in fruit and vegetable consumption. We eat less than any other state.

Food insecurity is on the rise in central Iowa with thousands more people visiting food pantries every year. And employees are increasingly looking for new and better ways to engage with their companies—to connect with co-workers, take a break from their desks, and give back to the community all the same time.

All three of these problems have one remedy: Corporate Giving Gardens.

On-Site Employee Engagement

A corporate giving garden is located on land set aside in the green space surrounding a company’s offices, where employees use volunteer time to grow fruits and vegetables that are donated to local organizations that serve the food-insecure in central Iowa.

Benefits for the Company 

  • Employee engagement and improved morale
  • Increased physical activity and well-being
  • Team building and connection across departments
  • A reputation for being environmentally friendly and caring about the community

Benefits for the Community

  • Increased access to nutritious foods for individuals and families in need
  • Access to fresh, locally produced food
  • Reduced food-insecurity in central Iowa
  • Partnerships between community organizations and local companies

Get Started

If you are thinking about starting a giving garden at your company, please contact us so that we can:

  • Provide guidance and advice
  • Send you our Giving Gardens toolkit of resources and information
  • Connect you with experienced gardeners from other companies
  • Add you to our United Way garden network.

Contact Jessica Nelsen at


“It’s a great on-site volunteer opportunity. I get to do something that’s helping others in the community while also getting a little fresh air and exercise.”

- Sharon Spoden
Farm Bureau volunteer