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United Way of Central Iowa's Core Values include Integrity, and that means we want to be transparent to ensure the community can easily review our policies and finances. The following information is reviewed and updated quarterly.



Financial Highlights


Below you will find an overview of our financial activities for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2022. This information is designed to focus on current year activities and changes year-over-year. This overview should be read in conjunction with the financial statements below, as well as our audited financial statements.

Overall for fiscal year 2022, which ran July 1, 2021-June 30, 2022, United Way of Central Iowa (UWCI) had a strategic decrease in net assets - prior to other activity - of $2,163,324. The change year-over-year is ($1,404,551). Please see below for drivers of such change.


  • Campaign Contributions-Net revenue decreased by $1,899,971 mainly due to changes in corporate partner giving.
  • Grants, Sponsorships, and Other Non-Campaign Contribution revenue decreased by $808,107 mainly due to the ending of grants.
  • Investment Income revenue decreased by $147,360 due to decreased interest rates and market fluctuations.
  • Other Revenue decreased by $864,993 mainly due to the forgiveness of the organization’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan in the prior fiscal year.
  • In total, Total Revenue decreased by $3,720,431.


  •  Community Investments and Services decreased by $2,816,791. Part of this was due to the ending of grants. Also in the prior year, United Way made COVID-19 support available to meet unprecedented needs arising in the community from the pandemic. That support naturally decreased in the current fiscal year
  • Administration and Fundraising increased by $382,322 with decreased grants to support some of these costs, increases in employment-related costs such as staff recruitment and benefit cost increases which result from the labor-market tightening and market forces increasing the price of benefits like health insurance, and also a strategic commitment was made to IT infrastructure especially for the security of donor and organizational information.
  • In total, Total Expenses decreased by $2,315,880.

For additional information regarding UWCI’s financials, please see the link to our audited financial statements below.



Statement of Activities

 Fiscal Year Ending   Fiscal Year Ending 
  June 30, 2022* June 30, 2021*
 Campaign Contributions - gross  $23,944,210 $25,629,169
 Uncollectible Contributions Allowance  (602,992) (387,980)
 Contributions - net**  23,341,218 25,241,189
 Grants, sponsorships, & other non-campaign contributions   2,883,391 3,691,498
 Investment Income  (101,679) 45,681
 Other  257,874 1,122,867
 Total Revenue  $26,380,804 $30,101,235
 Community Investments and Services  $19,595,760 $22,412,551
 Donor-Directed Contributions**  5,080,598 4,962,009
Administration and Fundraising  3,867,772 3,485,450
 Total Expenses  $28,544,130 $30,860,010
 Change in Net Assets before Other Activity  (2,163,326) (758,775)
 Increase (Decrease) Restricted Grant, Sponsorships, & Other Non-Campaign Contributions  (86,269) 13,624
 Increase/(Decrease) Endowment balance***  (2,235,305) 2,970,344
 Change in Net Assets after Other Activity  ($4,484,900) $2,225,193

* Click HERE to review the June 30, 2022 Financial Audit.
   Click HERE to review the June 30, 2022 I.R.S. Form 990.

** For audited financial reporting purposes donor-directed contributions are not included in expenses but are charged against contributions.

*** In audited financial reports new endowment contributions are a component of Grants, Sponsorships, and Other Non-Campaign Contributions. The total change in beneficial interest is a separate line in the revenue section of the Statement of Activities.


Statement of Financial Position

   Fiscal Year Ending   Fiscal Year Ending 
  June 30, 2022* June 30, 2021*
 Cash and Investments  $15,556,334 $16,783,433
 Contributions Receivable  6,333,789 6,221,457
 Other Receivables  336,145 1,068,330
 Land, Buildings and Equipment  2,284,285 2,600,256
 Other Assets  201,027 283,238
 Endowments  12,739,337 14,974,642
 Total Assets  $37,480,917 $41,931,356
 Payables to Agencies  $872,057 844,711
 Other Payables  1,921,874 1,837,640
 Refundable Advances  404,754 481,872
 Total Liabilities   $3,198,685  $3,164,223
Net Assets     
Unrestricted - designated by governing board    
     Land, building and Equipment $2,284,285  $2,600,256
     Endowment funds 8,947,008 10,377,908
     United to Thrive Transition Funding 992,800 2,173,216
Unrestricted after designations 12,765,826 13,325,044
Total Unrestricted  $24,989,919 $28,476,424
Temporarily Restricted  5,696,838 6,695,734
Permanently Restricted  3,595,475 3,594,975
Total Net Assets $34,282,232 $38,767,133
Total Liabilities and Net Assets $37,480,917 $41,931,356

* Click HERE to review the June 30, 2022 Financial Audit.
   Click HERE to review the June 30, 2022 I.R.S. Form 990.

** To provide financial stability for the organization, the governing board established a guideline range for unrestricted net assets after designation. The range is based on three to six months of budgeted program and operating expenses for the next fiscal year. For 2021 the range was approximately $6,107,000 to $12,214,000. For 2022 the range was approximately $5,854,000 to $11,709,000.