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United Way of Central Iowa's Core Values include Integrity, and that means we want to be transparent to ensure the community can easily review our policies and finances. The following information is updated quarterly.



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Below you will find an overview of our financial activities for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2018. This information is designed to focus on current year activities and changes year-over-year. This overview should be read in conjunction with the financial statements below, as well as our audited financial statements.

Financial Highlights

Overall for fiscal year 2018, which ran July 1, 2017-June 30, 2018, United Way of Central Iowa had a strategic decrease in net assets—prior to changes in our endowment and changes in our restricted contributions—of $4,495. This is a change year-over-year of $518,827. Please see below for drivers of such change.

  • Revenue:
    • Campaign Contributions - net revenue increased by $997,262, mainly due to a large gift from an anonymous donor.
    • Grants, Sponsorships, and Other Non-Campaign Contribution revenue increased by $361,967 due to the receipt of new grants and sponsorships.
    • In total, Total Revenue increased by $1,320,019.
  • Expense:
    • Donor-Directed Contributions expense increased by $434,973. This increase is mainly due to the large gift from an anonymous donor mentioned above; however, it is partially offset by a decrease due to a corporate partner's change in reporting.
    • Community Investments and Services increased by $521,602. This increase was due to expenses incurred as part of new grant and sponsorship funding and the strategic decision for additional funding into programs in the community.
    • Administration and Fundraising decreased by $155,384, mainly due to a decrease in expenses related to United Way of Central Iowa's 100th Year Celebration, which took place in fiscal year 2017.
    • In total, Total Expenses increased by $801,192.

For additional information regarding United Way of Central Iowa's financials, please see the link to our audited financial statements below.



Statement of Activities Fiscal Year Ending 
June 30, 2018*
  Fiscal Year Ending 
June 30, 2017*


Campaign Contributions - gross
 $ 27,531,643
Uncollectible Contributions Allowance
Contributions - net** $27,060,228   $26,062,966
Grants, sponsorships, & other non-campaign contributions 2,088,733   1,726,766
Investment Income 81,470   45,117
Other 318,338   393,901
Total Revenue $29,548,769   $28,228,750


Community Investments & Services 19,868,234   19,346,632
Donor-Directed Contributions** 6,117,457   5,682,484
Administration & Fundraising 3,567,573  
Total Expenses $29,553,264   $28,752,073
Change in Net Assets before Endowment (4,495)   (523,323)
Board-designated Endowment earnings distributed for spending*** --   --
 Restricted Grant, Sponsorships, & Other Non-Campaign Contributions 382,752   (508,177)
Increase/(Decrease) Endowment balance, after distribution*** 671,127   1,333,601
Change in Net Assets after Endowment $1,049,384   $302,101


* The June 30, 2018 Financial Audit is available for your review.
The June 30, 2018 I.R.S. Form 990 is available here.

** For audited financial reporting purposes, donor-directed contributions are not included in expenses but are charged against contributions.
*** In audited financial reports, the increase in the Board-designated endowment funds distributed for spending is combined with the Endowment Increase/(Decrease) after distribution. The total change in the endowment is presented in revenue in the Statement of Activities.


Statement of Financial Position Fiscal Year Ending 
June 30, 2018*
  Fiscal Year Ending 
June 30, 2017*


Cash & Investments $12,810,176   $12,466,496
Contributions Receivable 10,077,868   10,413,014
Other Receivables 695,139   132,884
Land, Building and Equipment 2,430,032   2,552,274
Other Assets 237,156   216,079
Endowments 11,731,424   11,040,937
Total Assets $37,981,795   $36,821,684


Payables to Agencies $1,577,162   $1,521,319
Other Payables 1,328,136   1,429,186
Refundable Advances 402,119   246,185
Total Liabilities $3,307,417   $3,196,690

Net Assets

Unrestricted - designated by governing board**      

      Land, Building and Equipment

$2,430,032   $2,552,274

     Endowment Funds

8,064,567   7,518,944
Unrestricted after designations** 11,385,310   10,983,461
Total Unrestricted $21,879,909   $21,054,679
Temporarily Restricted 9,411,256   9,224,493
Permanently Restricted 3,383,213   3,345,822
Total Net Assets $34,674,378   $33,624,994
Total Liabilities and Net Assets $37,981,795   $36,821,684


* The June 30, 2018 Financial Audit is available for your review.
The June 30, 2018 I.R.S. Form 990 is available here.


** To provide financial stability for the organization, the governing board established a guideline range for unrestricted net assets after designation. The range is based on three to six months of budgeted program and operating expenses for the next fiscal year. For 2017 the range was approximately $5,789,000 to $11,578,000. For 2018 the range was approximately $6,031,000 to $12,062,000.