United Way of Central Iowa (UWCI) appreciates the convenience of paying via credit card and feels it is important to continue to offer this as a payment option. For those who choose to pay via credit card and to maximize funding into the community, UWCI has established this policy to minimize dollars spent on credit card fees. This Credit Card Payment Policy applies to all corporate partner payments made through MobileCause to UWCI via credit card. The policy excludes corporate payments made via third-party processors.

Corporate partners paying via credit card will be required to cover the credit card processing fee. MobileCause will automatically charge the fee as long as the REQUIRED: CARD PROCESSING FEE box remains checked on the credit card payment form. Should a corporate partner uncheck the box and no fee is collected, UWCI will send an invoice for the appropriate fee afterwards.
This policy & procedure is subject to change at the discretion of United Way of Central Iowa.