DAY 21:



“By focusing on improving equity issues in our community, central Iowa can and will ensure that every person has an opportunity to thrive. Now that you have participated in this 21-Day Equity Challenge, we hope you will join with us in making that a reality.”

Joshua V. Barr, 21-Day Equity Challenge Co-Chair

"The 21-Day Equity Challenge has been a journey for more than 26,000 central Iowans. And while that journey was different for each person, I am confident that every one of us have learned something new. I also believe it has given us all a reason to join the fight for equity and inclusion in central Iowa, and together we can inspire real change.”

Elisabeth Buck, 21-Day Equity Challenge Co-Chair

Congratulations on completing the 21-Day Equity Challenge!

We are thankful you took this journey with us. More than 26,000 participants took the time to explore various topics from race and identity, to how to address privilege and be an ally to others. Please consider completing our Post-Challenge Survey to help us in continuing to expand our communities' understanding of equity. 

All of the information from each day of our challenge will remain on our website and available to the public. To access any day, simply scroll down to the calendar on our Equity Challenge Home Page and click on any day. You are welcome to revisit content and material as well as share with others. 

Special thanks to the 32 members of our 21-Day Equity Challenge Steering Committee Members. We are grateful they extended their expertise, experience, and perspective to make our challenge successful! We are thankful for our sponsors and our supporters as well, for their participation, encouragement, and support throughout the challenge!

You've taken steps towards change. We challenge you to continue your equity journey by participating in the following opportunities: 

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Follow the Capital Crossroads' Events 4 Equity page. and choose some informational or educational events of interest in the Greater Des Moines region that are addressing equity. This calendar was created by input from Capital Crossroads leadership and the Social Capital, which have been and continue to be an integral part of diversity-, equity-, and inclusion-related work in the community.


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CONVERSATION PIECE: Art Addressing Equity


Composer: Jacob Narverud
Title: Be The Change
Date of piece: World Premiere Performance on April 5, 2019
Link: YouTube Video

Description: Commissioned by Heartland Youth Choir for its 2019 Meet the Composer Festival, with support from the Iowa Arts Council, the SATB arrangement is sung at the festival by Heartland Youth Choir, Grinnell High School, Grand View University, and Valley Southwoods Freshman High School (West Des Moines). The song’s composer, the nationally renowned Jacob Narverud, is conducting and Kathy Gedler is playing piano.


"We submitt[ed] this song because its themes of hope, activism, and personal accountability support the Equity Challenge’s mission to decrease inequity through education. During the Equity Challenge, participants have been asked to take a hard and perhaps painful look at how inequity and racism affect our lives and our community. 'Be the Change' describes a very similar experience: someone faced with the selfishness and greed of this mad world, who moves through a fit of darkness and crying out loud to fighting out loud for peace, for justice, for hope, for love, for change. The journey is very similar to the journey the Equity Challenge can take participants on. We think it has the potential to empower participants to take next steps and to channel pain and anger into action."

Dove Haase
Heartland Youth Choir

Thank you to the members of BRAVO Greater Des Moines for curating the Equity Challenge Gallery, a collection of art in various media that speaks to the issues of equity in our society.

BRAVO Greater Des Moines