What is the challenge?

The 21-Day Equity Challenge is a powerful opportunity for shared learning, action, and growth. Central Iowans are invited to develop a deeper understanding of how inequity and racism affect our lives and our community.

The self-guided learning journey examines the history and impact of racism, and how it has shaped people’s lives. The experience will deepen understanding and help launch what we hope will be a lifelong commitment to improving equity and inclusion.

  • Thousands of central Iowans will sign up to participate online.
  • From October 5 through November 2, participants will receive a daily email with readings, videos, podcasts, and ways participants can take action!
  • Anyone can participate, and learning can be  individual or in groups. Discussion guides are available.
  • Participation is free. All you need is email.
  • Participants will be invited to attend the Equity Challenge Summit in November.


  • Sign up to take the challenge.
  • Beginning on October 5, you will receive an email each weekday.
  • Each day's message will have information, links to articles, videos, and more about a specific topic. The challenge is to spend a few minutes each day learning and getting a better understanding of the equity issues we face in central Iowa.
  • You can participate solo, or form a small group and discuss each day's topic. We will provide discussion guides and other resources throughout the challenge to help facilitate.
  • At the end of the challenge, we will present you with ideas on actions you can take to help improve equity issues in our community, and you will be invited to an Equity Summit in Des Moines to keep the conversation going.


dr-eddie-moore-jrThe 21-Day Equity Challenge was not created in central Iowa, but it does have Iowa roots! It was created by Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr. Director of the Privilege Institute in Green Bay, WI.

He received his Ph.D. in Educational Policy and Leadership Studies at the University of Iowa. Under his direction, his White Privilege Conference has become one of the top national and international conferences for participants who want to move beyond dialogue and into action around issues of diversity, power, privilege, and leadership.

Dr. Moore designed the challenge to not only help people better understand the issues surrounding equity and inclusion, but to do so in a way that would build a long-lasting habit of learning by stretching it over 21 days. 

The challenge was first implemented in 2014 by Food Solutions New England in Durham, NH. The organization is "a regional, six-state network that unites the food system community around a shared set of values – democratic empowerment, racial equity and dignity for all, sustainability, and trust – and strengthens the movement’s ability to achieve New England Food Vision goals."

United Way of Washtenaw County in Ann Arbor, MI introduced the challenge into the United Way network, and now United Way of Central Iowa is picking up the torch and bringing it to our community.