Promotional Toolkit

Thank you for helping us spread the word about the 21-Day Equity Challenge! Below you will find various resources to help you share the 21-Day Equity Challenge with others.



Here is how we typically describe the 21-Day Equity Challenge:

The 21-Day Equity Challenge is a powerful opportunity for shared learning and growth and invites central Iowans to develop a deeper understanding of how inequity and racism affect our lives and community.

The probing of issues and potential solutions that come from our research and conversations will help thousands unite to learn and grow together in making a positive difference for our future.



Below are some sample posts and graphics you can use to promote the 21-Day Equity Challenge through your social media channels. Feel free to use these as they are or to change them to fit your style. To use the graphics, click the link for the appropriate social media platform. The image will open in a new tab, where you can right click and save it to your computer.


Organizations and individuals may use the following to promote the challenge on their social media.

2Equity Challenge - LinkedIn

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Sample Post: Join thousands of others who have united to learn and grow together with the #EquityChallenge. Sign up at to be part of the free 21-day online learning journey.


Part of the "Challenge" in 21-Day Equity Challenge is asking you to tell people you have signed up, and challenge two of your friends to do so as well. Think of two people you think will like this experience, and tag them specifically in your post so they know you have challenged them!

Equity Challenge - Twitter

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Sample Post: I just signed up for the #EquityChallenge, and I challenge @John Doe and @Jane Doe to sign up too! Please sign up at, and challenge two or more of your friends to do the same.




These one-page flyers provides an overview of the challenge, and how people can sign up to participate.

Click the image to download a PDF File which you can print on any color printer, or distribute electronically.

21-Day Equity Challenge Flyer



If you would like to participate in the 21-Day Equity Challenge as a group, please register individually and use this guide to help facilitate discussions.

Group Discussion Guide  




This PowerPoint presentation provides additional information for you to share with others about the 21-Day Equity Challenge.

Click the image to download the PowerPoint file.




Each of the following links will download a Word file with a sample message for you to copy and paste into your internal and/or external email or messaging programs to help spread the word about the 21-Day Equity Challenge. Feel free to edit or change the content as you please to suit your needs.



The linked Word Document was distributed to local media in central Iowa on September 9:



You may use the following treatments of the 21-Day Equity Challenge logo to create your own promotional communications. We are including links to:

  • .PNG files, which are best for on-screen use but are relatively low-resolution (so may look blurry if printed,) and
  • .EPS files that can be placed in print documents and other higher-resolution uses. These files can be blown up to larger sizes without using resolution, but may be larger in size and more difficult to work with (contact us or a graphic designer or digital layout specialist if additional assistance is needed.)


21 day equity challenge - color
PNG      EPS


21 day equity challenge black
PNG      EPS


21 day equity challenge white
PNG      EPS

The 21-Day Equity Challenge is sponsored by:

Bankers Trust
Business Publications Corporation
Capital Crossroads
John Deere
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United Way of Central Iowa
Wells Fargo