1 day
100+ projects
5,000 volunteers
Immeasurable good for our community

Day of Action unites our community to provide 10,000 hours in volunteer service in one day to improve the lives of central Iowans. 

This massive one-day event organized by United Way of Central Iowa promotes employee engagement, raises awareness about community issues, and benefits central Iowans who need our help. 

With more than 100 projects to choose from for groups of different sizes, interests and skill sets, you can select a project and a United Way partner that complements your team. Employees come home knowing they made a difference in the lives of their neighbors in need. That's a feeling that can't be captured without leaving your desk to engage with the community directly and personally.

In 2018:

  • 46 business and 4,706 volunteers participated

  • Individuals volunteered with 29 United Way partners on 147 different projects.
  • Volunteers contributed 9,827 volunteer hours, a value of $242,634.

September 10, 2019


Browse the Projects


For your ease, we'll manage your employee sign-up and provide a unique url for your team's selected project.

If you have questions, please contact Rachelle Talbott at rachelle.talbott@unitedwaydm.org


  • Strengthen employee team-building and leadership skills
  • Develop new relationships with colleagues
  • Improve the quality of life for central Iowans
  • Gain awareness of community needs
  • Share publicly your company's
    community involvement

Important Dates

  • July 11: Volunteer registration opens
  • August 23: Volunteer registration closes
  • September 10: Day of Action



  • Register projects online.
  • Provide specific project details: scope, tasks, skills required.
  • Request a specific number of volunteers.
  • Communicate with team leader.

Company Team Leaders

  • Browse the list of projects online before signing up.
  • Review project details to find the best match for employees' skills.
  • Register a team for a specific project.
  • Receive a unique URL from United Way to send to employees to sign up.

Signature Projects

In addition to browsing the variety of projects benefitng broader United Way partner needs, you might consider one of United Way's two signature volunteer projects that align with our Community Goals for 2020 in Education:

  • READ to SUCCEED: Volunteers visit a local elementary school to read and use literacy kits with students.
  • It's Alarming!: Volunteers collect alarm clocks for Des Moines Public Schools to help improve student attendance, correlated with academic achievement.

 Day of Action is sponsored by:

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