Day of Action unites 4,500 community volunteers

On Tuesday, September 12, more than 4,500 volunteers from local companies and organizations volunteered their time to make an impact on the community. 

Over the past 24 years, United Way of Central Iowa has organized this massive, one-day volunteer...

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Day of Action to engage 4,500 volunteers in central Iowa

On Tuesday, September 12, United Way of Central Iowa will host its annual Day of Action, our community’s biggest day of volunteer service. Approximately 4,500 volunteers from 43 local companies will fan across the community, working on volunteer...

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4 Reasons to Step Up Your Volunteering

When time is scarce, it's easy for volunteering to fall further down our priority list. But volunteering is better for us and for the community than we imagine. Consider what volunteering could mean for you. If you already volunteer, know that the...

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Turn Spring Break into a Give-Back Week

Planning a stay-cation this Spring Break? Why not make it a week of giving back to your community?

For each day of Spring Break week, we offer one idea to volunteer with a local organization that partners with United Way of Central Iowa to improve...

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Holiday Helping Hand

The giving spirit of the holidays is already infusing central Iowa.

Looking for ways to give back to your community while bonding with family or friends? Check out more than 150 volunteer opportunities with United Way of Central Iowa and our funded...

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5 Myths About Missing School

You probably played hooky once or twice as a kid to savor that sweet feeling of sleeping in and watching daytime television. So when you hear about students who are chronically absent—missing 18 school days or more a year—you might imagine hundreds...

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You Say Potato: The Telligen Giving Garden

Most of us aren’t farmers, so harvest season passes us by without a thought. But this year—over at Telligen in West Des Moines—employees dedicated late August and September to rooting out potatoes—a harvest of hundreds of pounds for the...

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11 Things You Need to Know About Refugees in Iowa

Iowa has become a refuge for thousands—a place to call home for those who thought the word had no meaning left. These refugees have survived catastrophes in their personal and political lives. In Iowa, they can and will thrive if Iowans are willing...

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Day of Action

On Tuesday, September 13, thousands of central Iowans joined forces to tangibly improve our community in a single day.

Thanks to this annual event that promotes volunteerism and engagement with community-wide challanges, United Way of Central Iowa...

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Reversing Summer Learning Loss in Central Iowa

As schools dismiss for the summer, kids look forward to the long summer break. For some, that means carefree days at the pool, a fun and enriching camp experience, a family vacation, and a long list of summer reading to enjoy. After three months fly...

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