May 29, 2020

Announcing Progress toward the Community Goals for 2020

At today’s virtual LIVE UNITED celebration, United Way of Central Iowa announced progress toward the Community Goals for 2020 in Education, Income, and Health with the release of its 2020 Community Impact Report, along with honoring organizations and individuals with the annual LIVE UNITED Awards.

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Aug 4, 2017

4 Ways United Way Supports Middle School Students

Middle school is a time of transition. Students attend new buildings and learn new routines. Relationships shift and evolve. Academics become increasingly rigorous—all while experiencing significant physical, social, and emotional developmental changes. Read More
Nov 26, 2015

Commuity Schools are Working

Community Schools is a proven-effective strategy for helping students succeed academically and personally. Community schools brings together all the community assets needed—academic support, healthcare, dental care, counseling, food, childcare—for students to succeed. 

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