Elisabeth Buck

Elisabeth Buck


Elisabeth.Buck@unitedwaydm.org   (515) 246-6501

"I am privileged to lead an incredible team of professionals uniquely dedicated to our community and making life better for those who live here."


Senior Leadership Team


Renee Miller

Renée Miller

Chief Community Impact Officer

renee.miller@unitedwaydm.org   (515) 246-6549



Melanie Campbell

Melanie Campbell

Chief Donor Engagement Officer

Melanie.Campbell@unitedwaydm.org   (515) 246-6547



Sarah Roy

Sarah Roy

Chief Operating Officer

Sarah.Roy@unitedwaydm.org   (515) 246-6507



Andy TeBockhorst

Andy TeBockhorst

Chief Strategic
Communications Officer

Click to email Andy TeBockhorst   (515) 246-6641




Community Impact Team

The Community Impact Team at United Way of Central Iowa is led by Renee Miller, and is made up of a broad spectrum of nonprofit and community service experts. This team works closely with volunteers, nonprofits, and many other entities to develop and carry out the community impact strategies that are the core of our work in central Iowa. From research to collaboration to execution and beyond, this dedicated group makes sure the dollars raised have the maximum positive impact on our community.



Kate Bennett

Community Impact Officer, Education

kate.bennett@unitedwaydm.org   (515) 246-6612


Bob Brown

Building New Careers Coordinator

Bob.Brown@unitedwaydm.org   (515) 246-6570




Diana Mata Corvera

CIRCA Case Manager 

email-1   (515) 645-6218

Juliana Dubin

Julianna Dubin

CIRCA Case Manager

Juliana@centraliowaworks.org   (515) 645-6214

Erin Drinnin

Erin Drinnin

Community Impact Officer, Health

Erin.Drinnin@unitedwaydm.org   (515) 246-6518

Inger Hall

Inger Hall

Central Iowa HealthWorks Case Manager

email-1   (515) 645-6217

Jody Kanne

Administrative Specialist, Community Impact

Jody.Kanne@unitedwaydm.org   (515) 246-6556


lynette kingery-1

Lynette Kingery

Executive Assistant

Lynette.Kingery@unitedwaydm.org   (515) 246-6513


jennifer klinkhammer

Jennifer Klinkhammer

Community Investments Manager

jennifer.klinkhammer@unitedwaydm.org   (515) 246-2512


Luke Lynch

Luke Lynch

OpportUNITY Director

luke.lynch@unitedwaydm.org   (515) 246-2502


sherice mccamey


211 Supervisor 



Melissa McCoy

Melissa McCoy

211 Director 



amy meyer

Amy Meyer

Central Iowa HealthWorks Program Manager 

   Amy@centraliowaworks.org   (515) 645-6216



Renée Miller

Chief Community Impact Officer 

renee.miller@unitedwaydm.org   515-246-6549




Jessica Nelsen

Community Impact Coordinator, Health 

jessica.nelsen@unitedwaydm.org   515-246-6532


Amber Ramirez

Central Iowa Works Director

amber@centraliowaworks.org   515-645-6212


Michelle Rich

Michelle Rich 

Community Impact Officer, Income

Michelle.Rich@unitedwaydm.org   (515) 246-6605



Elsie Rotich

Community Impact Manager, Income

Elsie.Rotich@unitedwaydm.org   (515) 246-2511


Marian Rueter

Community Impact Services Director

Marian.Godwin@unitedwaydm.org   (515) 246-6581



Holly Sagar-1

Holly Sagar

Labor Liaison (VITA)


Holly.Sagar@unitedwaydm.org   (515) 326-0856


Dave Stone

Dave Stone

Advocacy Officer


dave.stone@unitedwaydm.org   (515) 246-6538



Maha Swadi

CIRCA Case Manager

   (515) 645-6213



Jana Tanner

Pathway Navigator 

Jana@centraliowaworks.org  (515) 645-6203



Terie Taylor-Wolf

Senior Research Associate

Terie.Wolf@unitedwaydm.org   (515) 246-6529

erica tulk

Erica Tulk 

Central Iowa HealthWorks Employment Specialist

Erica@centraliowaworks.org   (515) 645-6202

cheryl wernerCheryl Werner

Education Coordinator

Cheryl.Werner@unitedwaydm.org   (515) 246-6551


















Donor Engagement Team

The Donor Engagement Team is made up of dedicated fundraising professionals, led by Melanie Campbell, who work to develop resources to support United Way of Central Iowa's mission to improve lives by uniting the caring power of our community, The team is responsible for all fundraising initiatives, including the Annual Campaign, Tocqueville Society, Major Gifts, Planned Giving, and Affinity Groups.


Stephanie Brockman

Donor Engagement Operations Manager

Stephanie.Brockman@unitedwaydm.org   (515)246-6535


Melanie Campbell

Chief Donor Engagement Officer

Melanie.Campbell@unitedwaydm.org   (515) 246-6547



Liz Fox-Cameron Administrative Specialist, Donor Engagement


Liz.FoxCameron@unitedwaydm.org   (515) 246-6571

lindsay cannaday-1

Lindsay Cannaday

LINC and United LEAGUE Director

Lindsay.Cannaday@unitedwaydm.org   (515) 246-6554


Ramona Moni Gaukel

Ramona Gaukel

Volunteer Engagement Officer


Ramona.Gaukel@unitedwaydm.org   (515) 246-2513


lynne melssen

Lynne Melssen

Director, United55+

Lynne.Melssen@unitedwaydm.org   (515) 246-6544


Jennifer McCullough

Administrative Assistant

Jennifer.McCullough@unitedwaydm.org   (515) 246-6506



Cayala Nord

Cayla Nord

Corporate Engagement Manager

cayla.nord@unitedwaydm.org   (515) 246-6539



Anna Schaber

Volunteer Engagement Specialist

  anna.schaber@unitedwaydm.org   (515) 246-2504


Nicole Shalla

Grants Director

  nicole.shalla@unitedwaydm.org   (515) 246-2513


Geena Staiert

Geena Staiert

Corporate Engagement Manager

Geena.Staiert@unitedwaydm.org   (515) 246-2516



Joy Talmon

Corporate Engagement

Joy.Talmon@unitedwaydm.org   (515) 246-6540



Jaclyn Wulfekuhle

Women United Director

Jaclyn.Wulfekuhle@unitedwaydm.org   (515) 246-6548



Chase Young

Education Leadership Initiative Director

Chase.Young@unitedwaydm.org   (515)246-6504


Kristin Huinker

Kristin Young

Corporate Engagement Officer

kristin.huinker@unitedwaydm.org   (515) 246-6503







Business Services Team

COO Sarah Roy oversees the Business Services Team, which is responsible for financial and budget management, administration and monitoring of fundraising and pledge processing and expenditures to ensure cost-effective support of programs, managing the organization’s technology and data assets, and administration of personnel and human resource functions.


Kristin Belding

Executive Assistant

   (515) 246-6543


David Blair

System Administrator

   (515) 246-6617


Jay Ekstrand

Senior Accountant

Jay.Ekstrand@unitedwaydm.org   (515) 246-2507


Nick Elliott

Pledge Services Manager

Nick.Elliott@unitedwaydm.org   (515) 246-6572


Deanna Ingebretsen

HR Director

Deanna.Ingebretsen@unitedwaydm.org   (515) 246-6516

Danielle Johnson

Danielle Johnson

Finance Officer

Danielle.Johnson@unitedwaydm.org   (515) 246-6514



Stevie Johnson

Finance Associate

Stevie.Johnson@unitedwaydm.org   (515) 246-6511


Mike Morrissey

Building Engineer

Mike.Morrissey@unitedwaydm.org   (515) 246-6523


Fran O'Grady

Senior Accountant

fran.ogrady@unitedwaydm.org   (515) 246-6515


Sarah Roy

Sarah Roy

Chief Operating Officer

   sarah.roy@unitedwaydm.org   (515) 246-6507



Kate Reed

Projects and Solutions Manager

Kate.Reed@unitedwaydm.org   (515) 246-2515


Adam Wildman

Data and Technology Director

Adam.Wildman@unitedwaydm.org   (515) 246-6526





Strategic Communications Team

The Strategic Communications Team, led by Andy TeBockhorst is in charge of all marketing, advertising, digital communications, media relations and event management to ensure consistent and effective communications to all segments of central Iowa to build awareness of the programs and initiatives we support, increase the engagement of our donors, volunteers and advocates, and tell the stories of the people in our community whom we have been fortunate to assist.

Alexis Davis

Alexis Davis

Strategic Communications Project Manager

Alexis.Davis@unitedwaydm.org   (515) 246-6601


Sara Engelhart-1

Sara Engelhart

Strategic Communications Content and Media Manager

Sara.Engelhart@unitedwaydm.org   (515) 246-6520


mujo ramic

Mujo Ramic

Strategic Communications Creative Services Manager

mujo.ramic@unitedwaydm.org   (515) 246-6580

Andy TeBockhorst

Andy TeBockhorst

Chief Strategic Communications Officer

   Andy.TeBockhorst@unitedwaydm.org   (515) 246-6641