Each year, United Way brings together businesses, nonprofits, and the public sector to set policy priorities that improve the lives of central Iowans. This December we released our legislative agenda, detailing our priorities.

Our agenda supports our goals for 2020 in Education, Income and Health.  We can build a better foundation for many working families through:

  • Education – By fully funding summer learning and literacy programs, we can increase the number of children reading proficiently by the end of third grade, a key indicator of high school graduation and a successful future. 
  • Income – By expanding eligibility for the Child Care Assistance Program, we can prevent the "cliff effect," where families accepting a small raise suddenly lose their child care assistance benefits. Carol Hunter's article in The Des Moines Register highlights the importance of addressing this issue. 
  • Health – By establishing a comprehensive mental health care system, we can enhance the well-being of adults and children and prevent costly future health problems. 

United Way leads the fight for the education, income and health of all central Iowans, and we need your voice to stand with us during Iowa's 2017 legislative session.

Join us for our Day on the Hill event on January 31. RSVP here. 

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Dave Stone

Written by Dave Stone

Dave Stone is the Advocacy Officer for United Way of Central Iowa.