Dr. Helene Fein

Dr. Helene Fein
Dr. Helene Fein is the former director of community impact services for United Way of Central Iowa.

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Donate food for families in need during the holidays

You can bring a box of hope to a family in need this holiday season.

Through our Hope for the Holidays food drive, United Way of Central Iowa is collecting food, cleaning items, and gift cards for 40 families in need at our funded programs


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5 Ways to Welcome Refugees to Central Iowa

Welcoming and supporting refugees is on people’s minds these days—and in our conversations. Refugees share our neighborhoods, schools, and workplaces in central Iowa. They enrich our community economically and culturally. In return, you can help...

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Bring HOPE to a family in need this holiday season!

This holiday season, United Way of Central Iowa is collecting food and personal-care items for our HOPE families. You can help us by donating specific items requested to meet these families' needs.

Sign up to donate specific items


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11 Things You Need to Know About Refugees in Iowa

Iowa has become a refuge for thousands—a place to call home for those who thought the word had no meaning left. These refugees have survived catastrophes in their personal and political lives. In Iowa, they can and will thrive if Iowans are willing...

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A Refuge for New Iowans

Their stories are astounding. Their perseverance is inspiring. Their grit is unyielding.

Together with community partners, United Way of Central Iowa is celebrating these new Iowans during the first-ever Refugee Summit on October 7 and 8 at...

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Creating prosperity for all

“The opposite of poverty is not wealth; the opposite of poverty is justice.”

Bryan Stevenson, attorney and founder, Equal Justice Initiative


 Ours is a community of great opportunity. Unfortunately, 35 out of every 100 central Iowans live in...

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