Five ways college can prepare you for a career

By Seeta Mangra-Stubbs

Red ink on papers. $300 textbooks. An 8 a.m. math classes you might never use: Maybe college never sounded worth it to you, but everyone says getting a degree or at least some college experience makes a difference in finding a...

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7 best practices for hiring employees with a criminal record

About 2,000 people are released from Iowa prisons and return to the central Iowa area each year (Dept. of Corrections). Finding a stable job is critical to a returning citizen's ability to build the sturdy foundation they need to be successful in...

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5 Ways to Address Disparities in Employment

In July, the Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines’ DonorConnect Working for Equity panel discussion highlighted racial employment gaps that exist in Central Iowa and how we can lead changes that create equitable opportunities for Black,...

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Four ways to help increase diversity in the health care workforce

By interviewing 17 people of color in a variety of health care positions, Central Iowa HealthWorks learned about what helps and what prevents people of color from advancing in health care careers. We shared our findings in part 1 of this two-part...

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How Workforce Development Can Improve Health and Safety

Every worker deserves a job with healthy and safe working conditions. The pandemic, however, has demonstrated that this is not a reality for far too many people.

Many people are forced to make difficult choices between taking jobs to provide for...

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Opportunities to build a diverse workforce in advanced health care roles

Health care employers are increasingly recognizing the value of diversity in the workplace to better serve their patient populations.

Since Central Iowa HealthWorks began in 2017, more than 450 individuals with barriers to employment have received...

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5 questions to help you find the right job during the pandemic

Finding a job during the pandemic can be daunting, especially if you need to take the first opportunity you find. For immediate help to meet your financial and essential needs while you job search, call 211 or visit to connect with a...

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5 ways to openly communicate with employees during crisis

Knowing when and how to communicate with employees during periods of significant change, like the pandemic, can be challenging. But taking the time to communicate is critical to building your workforce now and in the future, says Chris Lorenz,...

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How to prepare for a job during COVID-19

Employers might start asking new questions during job interviews like: “What have you learned about yourself during the COVID-19 crisis?" or "What have you done to prepare for a job during this time?”

Being laid-off or having hours cut from your...

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What employees want and what employers want

Employers are struggling to find good employees. Employees are seeking good jobs but are struggling to find and get job opportunities that meet their family’s needs.

To examine this gap, United Way of Central Iowa asked Central Iowa residents and...

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