Central Iowa Works turns barriers into stepping stones.

Central Iowa is an affordable region with a low cost of doing business. We are becoming known nationally for having all of the ingredients of a great community that is growing rapidly. 

Yet, attracting talent remains one of our top challenges, especially as Iowa's unemployment rate drops to record lows. Meanwhile, one-third of our population struggles to earn enough income to cover the rising costs of housing, child care, and health care. Most people living in poverty are working two or three jobs and are one flat tire or one emergency room visit away from crisis. 

We have an opportunity to connect workers seeking good jobs
with the talent employers are looking for.

Since 2006, Central Iowa Works is focused on building a strong economy for central Iowa's future by connecting skilled talent to good jobs. When employers have a skilled and diverse workforce, productivity and innovation increases. When our community has a thriving workforce, more families can afford basic needs and save, find purpose, and improve health.

We unite employers, non-profits, government, and those seeking better jobs to build career pathways in industries including health care, construction, and retail. We advocate for policies and programs that increase opportunities for individuals returning from prison, who have disabilities, are refugees, or experience other barriers to employment.

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