Each year, community-minded employers lend key personnel to United Way to serve as full-time fundraisers and community ambassadors during the annual campaign.

These Loaned Executives  give United Way the essential "person-power" to take our message to workplaces throughout central Iowa. And their generous gift of time and energy helps keep down the administrative costs associated with the Campaign.


The Loaned Executive (LE) program is an outstanding leadership opportunity. The experience provides training in selling, public speaking, time management and problem solving. Both the company and LE benefit by developing high-level skills in project and account management, analytics and public speaking and an increased network of business contacts.

In addition, LEs get a deep immersion in how United Way collaborates with central Iowa organizations, businesses, donors and volunteers to fulfill its mission.

"As an LE, I've seen how much United Way operates like the companies that support it. Both hold themselves accountable for results and efficiency. I ask, 'Why wouldn't you support an organization so much like your own?' And it's the best way to support the community we all live in."  
-- Micah Jackson, Wells Fargo LE


LE Karen Jones, sponsored by Mercy Medical Center and Meredith Corporation, says educating the public about United Way and its work is a big part of her job.


"People are amazed when they learn about the results and impact we achieve together through our dollars and volunteer service."
-- Karen Jones, Sponsored LE

Thanks to the generous central Iowa employers who loan or sponsor these valuable team members, United Way of Central Iowa is able to extend its reach into the community.

Meet the 2016 Loaned Executives

Julie Matternas

About The Author: Julie Matternas

Julie Matternas is the former corporate engagement officer for United Way of Central Iowa.