Improving our health begins where we live, learn, work, and play. That is why we are excited to introduce adult exercise equipment at Evelyn K. Davis Park.

Installing exercise equipment at the park offers more than a chance to exercise: It increases opportunities for community members to connect and enjoy our community.

A surprising fact: Loneliness is as damaging to one's health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day!


The Gallup Healthways Well-Being Index has found that Americans who have strong positive relationships are more likely to eat the recommended number of fruits and vegetables per week. 

United Way's work in our Health priority area not only encourages central Iowans to exercise and eat healthy, but also improves all factors that influence our well-being, including mental health, relationships, the houses and neighborhoods we live in, and access to healthy food and physical activity.

The exercise equipment project also is an example of what can happen within a connected community. United Way of Central Iowa first discussed the idea with the King Irving Neighborhood Association, and applied for a grant from The Wellmark Foundation. With Wellmark's funding, the City of Des Moines purchased and installed the equipment. Then, on June 2, we celebrated this great addition to the park at the Safe Summer Kick-Off with the community. 

We hope you all enjoy using the exercise equipment. Together we become healthier as individuals and a stronger community overall. 

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Erin Drinnin

About The Author: Erin Drinnin

Erin Drinnin is United Way's Community Impact Officer for Health.