The simplicity and tax savings of a donor advised fund (DAF) is likely to attract you if you don’t already have one. A DAF is like a charitable investment account for the sole purpose of supporting charitable organizations you care about, like United Way, and are often used to make charitable donations as effective as possible when you give. One thing you may not have known if you have a DAF:  these same advantages continue when you designate the balance of a DAF to United Way of Central Iowa after your lifetime!

Designate United Way of Central Iowa as a Beneficiary
By naming United Way of Central Iowa as a beneficiary of your remaining funds, you can choose to have any or all the remaining DAF assets distributed to our organization after you pass.

If you choose to designate, please use the following legal name, and tax identification:
Legal Name: United Way of Central Iowa 

Use your DAF to its fullest potential
•    Itemize your taxes to realize an income tax charitable deduction from DAF contributions.
•    Transfer complex assets, such as real estate or business interests, into your DAF account without incurring capital gains taxes. 
•    Designate your DAF as the beneficiary of your IRA or charitable remainder trust.
Extend Your Impact with United Way
Donor advised funds benefit communities for generations to come. If you would like to use yours to extend your impact at United Way of Central Iowa, please contact Chase Young, United Way of Central Iowa ELI Director, at 515-246-6504 or

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Paige Weinschenk

Written by Paige Weinschenk

Paige Weinschenk is United Way of Central Iowa's Content and Media Manager.