Why the census and voting matter to our community.

United Way of Central Iowa leads the fight for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in our community. We take actions and provide resources to support strong, healthy, and resilient communities. That includes helping individuals be active in civic society. That’s why we’re participating in the national initiative United We Count, United We Vote, a non-partisan effort to increase participation in the census and voting.

How can you join in and take an active role in our democracy?

  1. Complete the 2020 census
    The 2020 census is a count of every person in every community. But it’s more than just knowing how many people live in each city. The census helps determine the share of political power and federal funding across different communities. Participating in the census is in everyone's best interest, because it helps community leaders and elected officials plan for school class sizes, health facilities, public transit, and the placement of grocery stores.

    As of September, one in twenty people across Iowa have responded. Be the key to the future of Iowa – complete the Go to 2020Census.gov or call 844-330-2020.

  2. Vote.
    Every election helps determine the distribution of critical resources and political representation at the local, state, and federal levels. The upcoming election is no different. Voting is not only your responsibility, but also your opportunity to show up for yourself, your family, your future, and your community.

    For many people having a plan to vote helps make getting to the polls easier. To help you get started we’ve listed four questions below that can inform your plan.

    Are you registered?

    When will you vote?

    How will you vote?

    How will you get there?

    Make a plan to vote today, share it with the people in your lives and then follow through in November!

  3. Give to United Way of Central Iowa
    We believe everyone should have the opportunity to thrive. Donor’s generosity, like yours, can help make sure everyone has access to and receives the support they need. Please consider giving today. Your investment allows us to do the following in central Iowa:
    • Give people the education and tools to get better jobs and build a solid foundation that improves their lives and the lives of their children.
    • Connect youth with the education and support they need for good-paying jobs and lifelong careers.
    • Help children get a strong start in life, start school ready to succeed, and build critical reading skills to equip them for success in school, work, and life.
    • Advocate for increased funding to build a stronger healthcare system in our state, including mental health care, to help improve access to services and improve the success of every individual in Iowa.

To do more, we need your help. Get in the fight with us. You can learn more about our advocacy efforts and sign up to receive our Legislative Updates during session to find out how your time, donations, and your voice are impacting Iowa policy.

Help give everyone in our community the chance they deserve to succeed. Make the pledge to vote and complete the census!

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Sara Engelhart

Written by Sara Engelhart

Sara Engelhart is United Way of Central Iowa's former Strategic Communications Operations Manager.