The Powered by Purpose Journey is a free opportunity for a deeper exploration into your unique purpose with weekly, easy-to-follow emailed activities for working through your strengths and passions, leading you to identify your own purpose statement.

The Individual Purpose Journey is a free, self-guided series of activities to help you define and implement your own personal purpose.

When you sign up, you will receive two emails a week for four weeks with activities for working toward your own, unique purpose statement.

Work at your own pace, in your own space, and enjoy learning about your purpose!


The Powered by Purpose Journey Process
Whether you register on your own or with a group of other individuals who also want to complete the Journey, the experience provides self-guided activities designed to:

  • Offer thought provoking activities for each week;
  • Provide you with the flexibility to complete activities at a time and location most convenient for you;
  • Help you complete your own personal purpose statement by the end of your journey;
  • Offer tips and resources for incorporating your purpose into everyday life;
  • Encourage you to live out your purpose with a final Purpose Promise, inspiring you to continue seeking purpose discovery and engagement.

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    2. Browse through our Resource Page, featuring articles, books, podcasts, events, and opportunities for ongoing support in the journey of discovering your purpose here.

    3. Join our monthly virtual Speaker Series to hear from purpose-focused individuals for ideas, inspiration and local resources.

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