Studies show that employees who align their personal purpose with the purpose of the organization for which they work are three times more likely to remain with that employer. 

Unfortunately, only four in 10 U.S. employees strongly agree that the mission or purpose of their organization makes them feel their job is important, according to Gallup.

  • People who find meaning in their work are 98% more engaged than those who don’t; they are therefore much more productive.
  • Purpose significantly impacts overall health and well-being, leading to a physically and mentally healthier workforce.

That’s why it’s not only important for each person to discover their own purpose, but also critical for businesses and nonprofits to make the effort to identify and share their organizational purpose. 

Organizational Purpose Journey -
Coming Soon

United Way of Central Iowa and its partners developed Powered by Purpose to help our collective community improve its sense of purpose – both through individuals and organizations.  By participating in the Powered by Purpose Journey as a business or organization, you are not only helping leadership to define your organization’s “why”, you are also providing a connection point between your current and future purpose-driven employees. And aligning purpose creates a healthier working environment, happier employees and an overall more focused organization.

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The Powered by Purpose Journey Process

A pilot group of businesses and nonprofits will experience the Organizational Purpose Journey in the Spring of 2021. This opportunity will be available FREE to other interested community organizations soon. Please check back for registration information or sign up for the Living on Purpose Newsletter to stay informed of purpose opportunities.

The Purpose Journey is designed to:

  • Provide thought provoking activities, which can be completed in the Powered by Purpose portal;
  • Store all of your answers in your private account, available for your review anytime;
  • Provide you with the flexibility to complete activities at a time and location most convenient for your organization's work group; 
  • Help you complete your organizational Purpose Statement by the end of your journey;
  • Offer tips and resources for incorporating your purpose into your organization;
  • Encourage you with examples of other purpose-driven organizations, inspiring you to continue seeking purpose discovery and engagement in the workplace.

“If you have a strong purpose in life, you don't have to be pushed. Your passion will drive you there."

Roy T. Bennett


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