Thriving with Purpose

Mary Sellers, President of United Way of Central Iowa, reflects on her purpose and shares phrases on leadership that have influenced her throughout her career.

I have always been fascinated with words. Meaningful sayings, quotes and mantras have...

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Showing Up with Purpose

In the February 2022 Powered by Purpose Speaker Series, we invited four local professionals to share their experiences in developing leadership and volunteer skills, and how what they’ve learned has transformed their involvement in the community and...

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Empowering Empathy in the Workplace

Powered by Purpose Speaker, Alysa Mozak, who is an educator and consultant with Blossoming Pathways, LLC, provides insight on why empathy and compassion make a difference in the workplace in this guest blog. 

Empathy is more than an emotion—it’s a...

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6 Tips for Manifesting Abundance

Vanessa McNeal is a certified mindset and manifestation coach, and one of our Powered by Purpose Speaker Series event speakers. We were honored to have her share these 6 tips for manifesting abundance and more - and now we're excited she was willing...

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Finding Purpose In the Doing

In this guest blog post, shared from, Christi encourages us to follow in her mindful efforts of finding purpose through the act of doing rather than finding purpose in the end result. So, what feels purposeful to you, regardless...

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Values, Purpose and Sustainability

Christine Her, executive director of ArtForce Iowa, shares how understanding values and purpose can transform your work and your life.

Knowing and understanding my values and purpose has always been important to me. I believe when you understand...

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Finding Purpose Through Connections

Powered by Purpose Speaker, Emily Steele, is the ultimate relationship-builder. Read her guest blog to find out what first sparked her realization that it was her purpose and learn how building meaningful relationships could help you amplify your...

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Practice Your "Likables"

Erik Dominguez, public speaking and storytelling coach with Speak Up Stories, encouraged our Powered By Purpose Speaker Series attendees to share - publicly - something they like about themselves for 30 days. He took on the challenge himself and...

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My Life, My Purpose

From a voiceless child to a woman sharing the voices of the community, Dwana Bradly shares her life of purpose in this guest blog post.

Looking back on my childhood, I would never have imagined being where I am today. I remember while growing up...

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The Best Thing We Can Do for Each Other

Daniel Hoffman-Zinnel, Proteus Executive Director, fearlessly lives out his purpose as a strong leader and voice in our community. Daniel shared this  blog post he wrote about a friendly, well-known children’s TV host who first inspired his quest...

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