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Members of United LEAGUE  are of African-American descent, identify as Black, or they are allies... those who are passionate about supporting issues and programs aiming to close the gap and allow every central Iowan in every community within our region to thrive. 

The LEAGUE offers volunteering, networking, and professional development events. With invitations to additional special events, recognition on donor lists, and opportunities to serve on United Way of Central Iowa's advisory committees and investment cabinets. 

If you are of African-American descent, identify as Black, or are an ally and you're passionate about supporting the issues impacting Economic Opportunity in this population of our community, become a member of United LEAGUE. Your investment directly supports our partners and programs aiming to close the disparities gap.

LEAGUE Members


Committee Chairs & Representatives 

Phil Hall
Phillip Hall

United Way Board Representative - United LEAGUE



Goals of United LEAGUE

Circle HandsEngage African-Americans in philanthropy through donating, advocating, volunteering, and networking 

 Circle MoneyInvest in strategies supporting economic success for African-Americans and align with United Way goals

Circle PeopleElevate the voices of donors, clients, stakeholders, and community members within the African-American diaspora

Cirecle ScalesIncrease awareness and action on equity findings through available data and community partnerships


Strategies for Economic Opportunity in Central Iowa 

  • Provide access to skills and supports leading to jobs that provide the income needed to be self-sufficient with the opportunity to build wealth 
  • Provide access to adult basic education, post-secondary education, training, and supports required for quality jobs
  • Provide individuals access to financial services and supports to manage their money, save for assets, and purchase/invest in assets - including developing, financing, and sustaining small businesses

Economic Opportunity Funded Programs


Why United LEAGUE?


All United LEAGUE dollars go to fund investments in Economic Opportunity, such as food and shelter. Without these needs being met, children cannot learn in school, families cannot be financially stable, and individuals cannot enjoy health and well-being.


There are 62,000 food-insecure and 5,247 homeless central Iowans. 


What Will My Investment Do?

422 individuals moved from homelessness to more stable housing in 2019.


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