Thank you for taking the time to think about your hiring and employee engagement strategies. We know that finding the right talent can be difficult when you have limited time and resources. Today’s pandemic has only heightened these challenges.

This guide offers ideas for small and medium-sized businesses to build a thriving workforce. We recommend you pick an area to explore and try one or two ideas at a time.

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Build Your Thriving Workforce Strategy

Having a Thriving Workforce strategy can help you hire and retain good employees. It involves the six key components below. Within these categories are many options for what you can provide to your employees. No set of practices is right for every organization, but there is a lot you can offer, even if you are a smaller organization. Learn more in these areas: 

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Employee Compensation

Providing a living wage can be essential to attracting top talent—and keeping them. Other strategies also can support employees, including offering consistent hours and bonuses.


icon calendar schedule

Scheduling and Paid Leave

Having a stable schedule and paid leave can allow employees to better manage their personal and professional lives, increasing employee engagement and retention. 


icon growth training

Hiring, Training, and Development

Creating career pathways, building partnerships with community organizations, and connecting with training opportunities in the community can help you hire and retain a diverse team. 



icon employee communication

Employee Engagement

Recognizing good work, enabling employees to participate in decision making, and fostering employee growth can build a workforce that is more motivated and productive.


icon umbrella insurance


Some benefits—like health insurance or disability insurance—may be expected, while other benefits—such as education, transportation vouchers, or gym memberships—can meet employees’ unique needs.


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Retirement and Wealth-Building

Helping employees save for retirement and build wealth can reduce stress and turnover. Financial coaching and small loan programs are opportunities to meet employees' needs. 



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