With limited time and resources to achieve big business goals, you need a team that maximizes everyone’s talents to their full capacity. These guides offer strategies that can help you hire a more diverse and engaged workforce.


Elements for your job strategy

Research shows that investments in your hiring practices and job structure can lead to employees who, on average, stay longer and are more productive. View our Employer Guide that outlines six strategies and provides resources to get started in each area. 

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We will update this section with Central Iowa Works' guides that can help you address six key areas. We encourage you to explore each area and identify one change you can implement and test at a time. 

wealth building strategies graphic

Playing a critical role in helping talented workers build their retirement savings is an effective strategy to reduce turnover. This guide outlines why you should consider this strategy, what to consider when deciding to offer a retirement plan, and other options for wealth-building strategies. 

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compensation graphic

While not the only strategy to building a thriving workforce, providing a competitive wage can be essential to attracting top talent—and keeping them. This guide outlines why you should use this strategy, what to consider when deciding to raise wages, and how to make a wage increase more feasible. 

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We are developing additional guides in these areas: 

  • Health Benefits
  • Scheduling, Vacation, and Paid Leave
  • Hiring, Training, and Professional Development
  • Employee Engagement.



Engaging a broader pool of talent

Central Iowa has job seekers who are eager to fill jobs but face barriers that keep them from accessing your opportunities. Here are ways you can expand your hiring pool with employees who bring skills, diversity, and commitment to your workforce. 

returning citizens guideHiring Returning Citizens

One out of every 20 U.S. citizens will serve time in prison in their lifetime and most will return to our communities. Hiring individuals with criminal records can help you build a loyal, hard working workforce and receive incentives. This guide provides recommendations for recruiting and hiring people with a record and answers frequently asked questions. 

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Additional Resources

For additional support in building your thriving workforce, use these resources.

Join a group that's working on strategies in specific industries