What do you value most?

In December of 2019, I helped host a women’s retreat in Des Moines. Since the retreat took place right before the new year, it was a good time to help participants take time to think about their priorities and values. Identifying individual values...
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Five tips for hosting purpose-driven conversations with your teams

How often are you working in a group with team members you vaguely know? How well do you know the people and leaders in your department? How well do you know the leaders of your organization?

Fostering authentic relationships at work can help you...

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Five Steps for Setting Big Dreams and Bold Goals

When was the last time you felt fired up, purposeful, and energized about your goals? How can you dream big and make a difference while honoring your values, passions, and current realities?

United Way of Central Iowa recently invited Christi...

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Welcome to Your Powered by Purpose Blog

Welcome—we’re excited to have you here! The Powered by Purpose blog is meant to provide information, thoughts, ideas and inspiration for exploring, discovering and living your life with purpose.

While United Way of Central Iowa is behind the ...

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The Role of Purpose in Well-Being

The United Way of Central Iowa (UWCI) team has started talking a lot about—and exploring the importance of— “purpose” in the health of our communities. While the idea of committing time to figuring out your purpose may seem daunting or even a...

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