On-demand education/advocacy & volunteering opportunity

On April 22, 2021, attendees signed on for a remote education session on essential needs and homelessness in central Iowa. Over Zoom, we learned from area experts about the challenges of youth and adults facing homelessness in our community. This is part of United Way's United to Thrive initiative. Discussion topics included: Who is an average homeless person? How does the homeless system in Iowa work? What services are available? Has homelessness changed as a result of the pandemic? Which groups are more affected by homelessness? Where will these street outreach kits go and how will you use them? Suggestions on how to advocate. And more.

Step 1: Watch the Recording

Featured Speakers:

  • Erin Drinnin, Community Impact Officer, Health, United Way of Central Iowa
  • Bernadette Beck, Centralized Intake Program Manager, Primary Health Care, Inc.
  • Blake Willadsen, Development Coordinator, Iowa Homeless Youth Centers (part of YSS)
National Volunteer Week Homelessness Event


Step 2: Create Your Own Street Outreach Kits

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Erin Drinnin

Community Impact Officer, Health

United Way of Central Iowa

Bernadette Beck

Centralized Intake Program Manager

Primary Health Care, Inc.