Purpose-driven Zoom conversations

On Day of Action 2020, United Way of Central Iowa hosted a series of one-hour virtual volunteer and networking sessions, where participants connected with fellow central Iowans and helped each other find and live their purposes while sharing and gaining support. People loved the conversations and the connections they made that day.

"I got a chance to participate in one of the Powered by Purpose conversations for today’s Day of Action, and I wanted to commend your team for putting together the opportunity. I walked away with two new connections. It’s rare to leave a Zoom with MORE energy than when I first logged in, but this put some pep into my day."  -- Brianne Sanchez, Director of Nonprofit Relations, Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines

Benefits of this activity

This volunteer opportunity is designed to boost your sense of purpose—and help those you meet—by giving you a chance to listen and learn from each other, share advice and experiences, and build new meaningful relationships in your community.

Two out of three Central Iowans struggle with purpose. Knowing what motivates you, what makes you happy, and what you need to feel important and valued is vital to your well-being—and the health of our community. We can improve our sense of purpose by building connections: having leaders to look up to or people in our lives who encourage us to try something new.

Your company or organization can have its own Conversations Powered by Purpose. Here's how to make it happen:

  1. Contact ramona.gaukel@unitedwaydm.org to set up the activity for your group.
  2. Your team members sign up for one-hour sessions.
  3. Before the date of your call, you will receive an email with details for joining the Zoom meeting and questions to help guide discussions.
  4. On the date of your call, join the Zoom meeting at the time you requested in the form. To promote meaningful discussions and making connections with others, we encourage you to join with your video camera on.
  5. United Way of Central Iowa staff will kick off the event and share more about Powered by Purpose project and how the breakout rooms will work.
  6. Breakout room sessions will be 15-minutes long and one-on-one or small group discussions. Discussion questions will be provided as a guide for your conversation as you take turns sharing and learning from each other.
  7. After 15 minutes, you will be entered into a new breakout room to meet and connect with someone new.
  8. After three conversations, the entire group will reconvene and end with closing remarks.

We understand that 15 minutes is not a long time to create a lasting connection, but if you feel a connection and want to continue the conversation you are invited to share contact information and we will send a reminder during your conversation. It is not required.

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Sign Up to Participate

Want to have a Conversation Powered by Purpose? Your company or organization can sign up to host its own sessions to volunteer your time to support fellow central Iowans in finding and living their purpose — while you share and find support in your own purpose journey.

Contact ramona.gaukel@unitedwaydm.org for more information.

Powered by Purpose 

Purpose is one of the five universal, interconnected elements that influence our overall well-being, in addition to physical well-being, social well-being, financial well-being, and community well-being. To lift our community's collective well-being, we must lift up the well-being of each individual. United Way of Central Iowa and its partners have developed a free eight-week experience to help you discover and live out your personal purpose, Powered by Purpose. Powered by Purpose offers to take you on a personal journey to discover your purpose. Once you find your purpose, you can start sharing it and make your life, your neighborhood, and our community a better place because of it! Resources are being developed for individuals and businesses. Learn more and sign up at www.poweredbypurpose.org.