Running a United Way campaign in your workplace can be challenging, rewarding, and a great way to bond as a team while helping improve lives in central Iowa. 

If you are organizing a campaign at your workplace, are working with a team to run a campaign, or are just curious about what it takes to put a campaign together, the best place to start is by contacting your company's United Way Corporate Engagement Manager.

He or she will help make it easy and share best practices, materials, ideas from other, and more. If you don't know your Corporate Engagement Manager, call us at (515) 246-6500 or email

Check out our homepage just for employees in workplace campaigns. It's the go-to place to learn more about United Way of Central Iowa and the impact a gift can make. Please share with your co-workers!



How to Run a Great Campaign

great campaign imageWe've learned tips and tricks from thousands of successful campaigns over the years, and have put together a few pointers to help you make the most of yours. Check out our guide for ideas.


Read the Guide




United Way Gear

Companies can order directly from the United Way store to get Live United swag and decorations, including:

  • T-shirts
  • Signs
  • Balloons 
  • Bags and hats
  • Notebooks and pens
  • And much more!

United Way Merchandise Store

If you'd like to work directly through United Way of Central Iowa to place a large order, contact your Corporate Engagement Manager.


We have a variety of brochures about the campaign, our work, and ways to get involved. Click the covers below to see PDFs, and talk to your United Way representative to get hard copies for your campaign.

Campaign Brochure

2018 Campaign brochure cover - Maurice

6" x 3.5" booklet detailing what United Way does, and how you can get join the fight for the health, education, and financial stability of all central Iowans. 

Other covers:

2018 Campaign brochure cover - Lisa  2018 Campaign brochure cover - Debra  2018 Campaign brochure cover - Maureen

Community Impact Report

community impact report

8.5x11 folded report with flap that provides updates on progress made toward the community goals for 2020, as well as highlighting the key focus areas in each category of EDUCATION, INCOME, and HEALTH. 

Other covers:

bonito cover      jessenia cover      tara cover

Leadership Brochure

Leadership brochure cover

4.25" x 5.5" brochure describing United Way's four affinity groups: Tocqueville Society, Women's Leadership Connection (WLC), Education Leadership Initiative (ELI), and LINC (Lead. Impact. Network. Change.)

Tocqueville Society Brochure

2017 Tocqueville Society Brochure - for Web_Page_2.png

3.5" x 8.25" booklet detailing the Tocqueville Society, a group of exceptional individuals & families who lead the way with annual contributions of $10,000 or more to United Way of Central Iowa.

WLC Brochure

wlc cover.jpg

3.6" x 8.5" tri-fold brochure detailing the Women's Leadership Connection, an affinity group supporting strategies to improve school readiness for central Iowa's kids ages 0 to 5.

ELI  Brochure

2018 ELI Brochure Cover

3.6" x 8.5" tri-fold brochure detailing the Education Leadership Initiative, an affinity group supporting strategies to help students through the  transition from middle to high school through graduation.

LINC Postcard

LINC postcard - web 5 x 7" 
postcard to hand out to potential members detailing the new affinity group for individuals ages 30 and under focused on providing for the essential needs of central Iowans.


Campaign Videos



An introduction to United Way and why your pledge matters.

View on YouTube

We Live United 

An inspirational video sharing how the community comes together to LIVE UNITED.

View on YouTube


Stories of Success

Featuring four stories of success from individuals in central Iowa.
View on YouTube


The Cycle-Breaker

Overview of United Way's education work from birth to graduation.
View on YouTube


Misty & Malachi

A mother and son touched by tragedy benefit from the services of a United Way-funded child care center

View on YouTube


Bonito's Story

View on YouTube

Jessenia's Story

View on YouTube

Lisa's Story

View on YouTube

Tara's Story

View on YouTube



Women United is a diverse, vibrant group bound together by the mission to improve the future of our youngest central Iowans. 

View on Youtube 



LINC is for anyone ages 30 and under who wants to make central Iowa better.
View on Youtube


Central Iowa HealthWorks

An innovative United Way program training much-needed health care workers

View on YouTube


More Stories of Success

Featuring individuals in central Iowa who have benefited from United Way's initiatives.

View on YouTube


Carrie's Story

With her son facing mental health challenges, Carrie found the support her family needed.

View on YouTube

DROPBOX: Click here to download video files to your computer.



Download and print these 11" x 17" posters yourself, or contact your United Way representative for printed copies. 

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Use this content for social media, intranet posts, emails, presentations, or displays.

Social Media and Intranet Content

Blogs and Stories

blog and story content

Click the image above to use these blogs and stories on your social media pages or on your organization's intranet. Just copy and paste the post content and the URL from the Word document. If using in social media, don't forget to tag @UnitedWayCI and include #LiveUnitedDSM. 

Nearly 40 posts to choose from throughout your campaign!

Download a PDF instead

Stories in an Image

jessenia story

 Use these images for social media or Intranet posts. They are especially perfect for Instagram. Because the text is included on the image itself, there's no need for any further work or explanation on your part. They can also be easily included in emails or newsletters. You can even print them out for posting around the office or other creative ideas!

Just click the image above to download more than 20 story images.


walking for physical health

Conveniently broken up into smaller pieces, these infographic chunks are perfect for social media or intranet posts. But they can also be used in emails, newsletters, or flyers. Interested in the complete issue-related infographic? These are available for download too. 

  • Health Begins in our Community
  • Income: Education Pays
  • Education Pathways
  • The Child Care Challenge
  • READ to SUCCEED: Third-Grade Reading


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Download photos from Dropbox that you can use on social media, in emails, on your intranet, or for any other use you can think of.


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Kick-off Email

Share this customizable email with co-workers on the first day of your United Way campaign. Just click the email icon above, download the .msg file, open, click "Forward" in your email client, change or delete any content you desire, and click "Send."

Remember to replace the highlighted copy with information about your company or delete it altogether.

Instructions for using this email

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Thank You Email

Share this customizable email with co-workers to thank them after the campaign. It includes a link to a Thank You video!

Just click the email icon above, download the .msg file, open, click "Forward," change or delete any content you desire, and click "Send."

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Email-A-Day Campaign 

Download these .msg files from Dropbox and forward them directly to your co-workers. Select your favorites to provide facts and stories daily or weekly during your campaign. Thirty emails are provided. Feel free to customize as desired.

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Campaign Brochure in an Email

Use this if you can only send one email to your organization's employees. It summarizes United Way of Central Iowa's campaign brochure in one appealing email—and includes links to stories, blogs, and our much-loved Community Impact Report. 

This email is also useful to send between the kick-off and thank-you emails, or if you don't have a rally where you hand out brochures. 

Remember to add your company name to the subject line and replace the highlighted copy with information about how to give. 

Other Digital Resources

Social Media Guide  

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Browse this guide to enhance your campaign through social media. The guide includes tips and ideas for posting and sample posts to copy and paste.



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Use these facts and information to share with co-workers on a daily or weekly basis during your campaign—via email, social media, intranet, or in-person meeting.

Your Gift Matters

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Use this information to explain how much your co-workers' weekly or monthly investment in United Way can provide to central Iowans in need. For example: $5 a week provides free tax-prep for 20 households.

Presentation Slides 


Give your own United Way presentation using these slides, or pick-and-choose your favorites to display on TV, computer, or projector screens throughout the office or during a campaign event.

(Download a larger PowerPoint file to customize)

Explore More Content to Share

Don't forget to subscribe to United Way's blog and stories to keep up to date on great content to share with your employees during your campaign.

  blog    stories  See 100 Stories of Impact 


Sample Communications

The following documents can be used to help you create emails and letters for your workplace campaign.



Ask your United Way representative for copies of pledging materials and instructions for completing the forms.


Pledge form


Spanish Pledge Form

Pledge Envelope 2018 - for web 
Pledge envelope


Corporate Pledge Card