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2012 Reach Out to Drop Outs


United Way, Des Moines Public Schools and corporate sponsor Aviva USA conducted another successful Reach Out to Dropouts event, Saturday, September 22.

The 200 community volunteers and school staff called on the homes of 303 youth who had not returned to school this fall. Five youth returned to school, and another 27 indicated they will return and requested a follow-up by their school.

Since the first Reach Out to Dropouts event in 2009, volunteers visited a total of 1,564 youth, encouraging 58  to return to school and re-enroll.

“It’s meaningful for these young people to see that so many people care about their future. Helping even one youth return to school is worth the effort.  When volunteers reach out to over 300 dropouts each year, it’s a great success. Together, we help our community reach an important goal: By 2020, to cut by half the number of high school students who do not graduate on time.”

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