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Financial Coaching


More than one in three central Iowa families do not earn enough income to cover more than basic living expenses. These families walk a financial tightrope each month, making tradeoffs between paying rent or medical expenses, car expenses or child care. Many fall into bad credit histories, bankruptcy, even loss of housing.

To help these lower-income individuals and families learn how to manage their finances and make good financial decisions, United Way of Central Iowa and ISED Ventures are training local human service agency staff to become budget coaches.  The budget coaches will, in turn, help their clients learn to establish a household budget, use bank accounts, understand their credit score, repair their credit, even save money to purchase assets like a car or home.

 “Local human service organizations have a great need to become more skilled at financial coaching,” says Jane Fogg, United Way’s director of financial stability. “They help their clients with issues like housing, legal issues, or transitioning out of foster care. But helping individuals and families become more financially literate will benefit them throughout their lifetime.”

United Way is working toward a goal: By 2020, to cut by half the number of lower-income individuals and families who are financially unstable.

The complete schedule for Financial Coach Training is:

Dates: November19, December 3, December10
8:30 am-12:30 pm
United Way of Central Iowa Conference Center
1111 Ninth Street
Des Moines
Cost: $100 per participant (scholarships available)

To register, contact Corinne Lambert at 246-6542, email

Or register online by clicking here.

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