Whistleblower Policy

Whistleblower Policy document (pdf)

United Way of Central Iowa is committed to conducting itself with the highest ethical standards and processes. All associated persons are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the requirements and spirit of this policy. This whistleblower policy provides a mechanism for any party to raise good-faith concerns without fear of retaliation should the need arise.

Where to Report

Treasurer of the Board of Directors


Sean Vicente
2500 Ruan Center, 666 Grand Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50309
Work phone: 515-697-1108 Work fax: 866-406-3676
Work email: msvicente@kpmg.com



Deanna Ingebretsen
Human Resources Director
United Way of Central Iowa
1111 9th Street, Suite 100, Des Moines, IA 50314
Work phone: 515-246-6516 Work fax: 515-246-6522
Work email: dingebretsen@unitedwaydm.org