United Way of Central Iowa Staff Directory

A receptionist is available 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, at 515-246-6500. If you would like to reserve a conference room, please email reservations@unitedwaydm.org to receive the form.

Mailing address:
1111 Ninth Street, Suite 100
Des Moines, Iowa 50314

Name Title Phone Email
Sellers, Mary
Mary's bio
President 515-246-6501 msellers@unitedwaydm.org
Albrecht, Jackie Marketing Communications Manager 515-246-6601 jalbrecht@unitedwaydm.org
Bennett, Kate Community Impact Officer, Education  515-246-6612 kbennett@unitedwaydm.org
Brockman, Stephanie Resource Development Operations Manager 515-246-6535 sbrockman@unitedwaydm.org
Brown, Bob Building New Careers Coordinator 515-246-6570 bbrown@unitedwaydm.org
Buck, Elisabeth
Elisabeth's bio
Chief Community
Impact Officer
515-246-6549 ebuck@unitedwaydm.org
Burgess, Shirley Volunteer Engagement Officer 515-246-6519 sburgess@unitedwaydm.org

Campbell, Melanie Melanie's bio

Chief Donor Engagement Officer 515-246-6547 mcampbell@unitedwaydm.org
Drinnin, Erin Community Impact Officer, Health 515-246-6518 edrinnin@unitedwaydm.org
Ekstrand, Jay Senior Accountant 515-246-2507 jekstrand@unitedwaydm.org
Elliott, Nick Pledge Services Manager 515-246-6572 nelliott@unitedwaydm.org
Gaukel, Ramona (Moni) Grants Director 515-246-2513 rgaukel@unitedwaydm.org
Grabau, Jerry Admin Assistant 515-246-6506 jgrabau@unitedwaydm.org
Grossman, Helene Community Impact Services Director 515-246-6502 hgrossman@unitedwaydm.org
Honnold, Donavan Marketing Officer 515-246-6520 dhonnold@unitedwaydm.org
Ingebretsen, Deanna Human Resources Director 515-246-6516 dingebretsen@unitedwaydm.org
Johnson, Stevie Finance Associate 515-246-6511 sjohnson@unitedwaydm.org
Kanne, Jody Administrative Specialist, Community Impact 515-246-6556 jkanne@unitedwaydm.org
Lambert, Corinne Community Impact Manager 515-246-6542 clambert@unitedwaydm.org
Lange, Mary Daily Education Coordinator 515-246-6551 maryl@unitedwaydm.org
Lippincott, Derek Marketing Projects Manager 515-246-6580 dlippincott@unitedwaydm.org
Lippincott, Jill Project & Solutions Manager  515-246-2501 jlippincott@unitedwaydm.org
Lowery, Ka'Meka Women's Leadership Connection Director 515-246-6541 klowery@unitedwaydm.org
Matalone, Joani Corporate Engagement Manager 515-246-2502 jmatalone@unitedwaydm.org
Matternas, Julie Corporate Engagement Officer 515-246-6503 jmatternas@unitedwaydm.org
Miller, Renee Community Impact Officer, Income 515-246-6605 rmiller@unitedwaydm.org
Mohr, Brenda Executive Assistant 515-246-6543 bmohr@unitedwaydm.org
O'Grady, Fran Senior Accountant 515-246-6515 fogrady@unitedwaydm.org
Ohrn, Deb Gore Corporate Engagement Manager 515-246-6540 dgoreohrn@unitedwaydm.org
Opie, David Finance Director 515-246-6514 d.a.opie@unitedwaydm.org
Ramsey, Sarah Advocacy Officer 515-246-6538 sramsey@unitedwaydm.org
Roy, Sarah
Sarah's bio
Chief Operating Officer 515-246-6507 sroy@unitedwaydm.org
Rypma, Lindsey Admin Specialist 515-246-6571 lrypma@unitedwaydm.org
Sagar, Holly Labor Liaison (VITA) 515-326-0856 hsagar@unitedwaydm.org
Sedrel, Vanessa Investments Director 515-246-2512 vsedrel@unitedwaydm.org
Serrao, Joe Building Engineer 515-246-6523 jserrao@unitedwaydm.org
Sherman, Erica Admin Assistant RSVP/UWCI 515-246-2504 esherman@unitedwaydm.org
Subramanian, Ananda Senior Research Associate 515-246-6581 asubramanian@unitedwaydm.org
Talmon, Joy RSVP Director 515-246-6544 jtalmon@unitedwaydm.org
Taylor-Wolf, Teresa Data and Research Director 515-246-6529 twolf@unitedwaydm.org

TeBockhorst, Andy

Andy's bio

Chief Strategic Communications Officer 515-246-6641 a.tebockhorst@unitedwaydm.org
Valbert, Scott Corporate Engagement Manager 515-246-6539 svalbert@unitedwaydm.org
Veal, Cathy Receptionist and Room Reservation Coordinator 515-246-6545 cveal@unitedwaydm.org
Wildman, Adam Data and Technology Director 515-246-6526 awildman@unitedwaydm.org
Wulfekuhle, Jaclyn Corporate Engagement Manager 515-246-6548 jaclynw@unitedwaydm.org
Young, Chase  Education Leadership Initiative Director 515-246-6504 cyoung@unitedwaydm.org