Loaned Executives

Local businesses and organizations loan their best and brightest to United Way of Central Iowa. These “Loaned Executives” play a crucial role in developing and implementing fundraising initiatives in a wide variety of situations during the annual United Way Campaign.  Their participation helps keep fundraising costs low, leading to increased investments in the lives of people who need services.

Loaned Executives work with other high-energy people from across the community -- business leaders, agency personnel, civic and government leaders and volunteers -- to run effective, well-organized workplace campaigns and to educate others how United Way is improving lives in our community. 

The Loaned Executive program is designed to give dynamic, energetic employees of local businesses the opportunity to expand their skill sets and make new contacts, while making a positive impact on their community.
If you are interested in becoming a United Way Loaned Executive-- or know a colleague or coworker who would be interested -- please email Melanie Campbell, Director of Corporate Relations.