Tocqueville Society

United Way of Central Iowa Tocqueville Society
recognizes the exceptional individuals and families who lead the way with contributions of $10,000 or more to United Way. Economic times like these are the best time to plan big, propose innovative solutions and inspire everyone to act. United Way believes this is the year for bold, decisive action. Our community counts on your leadership.

In 2014, your Tocqueville Society membership is more important than ever. Your Tocqueville Society leadership has never been more vital or relevant in meeting urgent community needs and creating lasting, significant change.

Since its inception in 1984, Tocqueville Society members have contributed cumulatively nearly $40 million to United Way of Central Iowa. Last year alone, Tocqueville Society members contributed $4.9 million. These funds are strategically invested to create measurable and lasting change toward our community’s most urgent human conditions.

Your Tocqueville Society contribution is strategically invested to create lasting change in our community. Through your support, we will have the financial resources to build a stronger community for business and a better life for you and your family.

Only United Way has the trust, reach, partnerships and resources to mobilize action to achieve our bold goals, with benefits that ripple throughout central Iowa - like healthier lives, a better-educated community, fewer crimes, a better-prepared workforce.

“When I got out of the service in 1945, I thought earning $75 a week was a stretch. So in 1984, I considered that $10,000 request from United Way to be pretty substantial. But I didn’t hesitate then, and I haven’t in the 25 years since.

If my wife and I ever have a time when we need to cut back in our charitable giving, United Way and its Tocqueville Society will be the very last one we’d cut. We are strong believers in what United Way does to care for the community.”

– William C. Knapp, Founding Member,
United Way of Central Iowa Tocqueville Society

For more information about United Way of Central Iowa Tocqueville Society, please contact:
Bergetta Beardsley
Tocqueville Society Director
United Way of Central Iowa
515-246-2510 or